My beloved Son, I send you congratulations for your High School Graduation. Grad school is always worth celebrating. It is always a great milestone in a person’s life journey. It is a great pleasure to my heart see You growing up as a very handsome, respectful, intelligent, educated and brilliant young man. You have succeeded all expectations by far, overcoming not only the very thought Basic Sciences AP’s but also all the hard and the beautiful things this very life brings with as friendship, the young love, the very premature death of some of your classmates, and the hard task of building daily disciplines that endure a good Character. I am your # 1 FAN not doubt about it.

You’ve begun to discover the fountain to acquire the wisdom of life, of living correctly, wisely, redeeming your Time, focusing in the goal, paying detailed attention in the deeper things that really matter in both material and spiritual dimensions of this world… and that makes my heart full of happiness and hope.

But You are my beloved Son, and that is a given by God responsibility that I ever never take for granted nor as minor task in life.

So, I want to write this letter to help You better understand that there’s a TIME for everything under the sun…. There is a SEASON for everything on Earth. A time to be born and a time to depart from this life. Time of soiling seeds and Time to harvest. A Time to search and a Time to quit searching. A Time to keep and a Time to throw away. A Time to cry out and Time to dance in Joy. A Time to embrace and a Time to turn away. A Time to grieve our beloved ones and Time to celebrate new life. Time to doubt and Time to believe. A Time to be quiet and a Time to speak. A Time for war and a Time for peace. A Time to stop and seek better questions and they answers and Time to move forward no matter what, only by Faith. There is a Time to live and Time to die.

I write this letter also to help You understand there is a key in this Game of Life: You need to work to be the best possible version of Yourself today. Better than yesterday but still, tomorrow We need to find new paths of continually improving ourselves not for mere pride or because we are competing against others around… but because by being and doing it, we give joy to our heavenly Creator Father and that, my beloved Son, will released His favor and grace before you to reach your ultimate purpose of life. May be someone will be hired only by they charisma but nobody stay in the long run without strong, healthy and noble Character.

I write this letter to help You understand that when somebody develops a vision of greatness and pursue that goal with excellence and by the right motives, it will always arise envy around, and all things will be against him/her. Is mere human (and perhaps evil) nature. So, be prepared to face Problems (things that will come against you and your dreams from outside) but also to face Conflicts (things that will come against from within). Conflicts have always more power of destruction than problems. So about Conflicts I would like to explain You that they usually will come from the 3 main inside challenges You will face (I am so sure since they are against Us since the beginning). They are: (1) the Lust and desires of the flesh, (2) the Lust and desires of the eyes and (3) the Pride of life. The four translations into the language of our day about this 3 tests could be:

(1) Sex without Holiness and without Honor

(2) Power for mere personal pride, arrogance and to manipulate others

(3) Money for mere greed and ambition without an eternal purpose and

(4) Fame by mere personal pride and narcissism.

This things are here since the beginning. All these things are deceptions in their highest sophistication and can lose the Soul of the human being and enslave them with powerful emotional ties and spiritual chains. This things are always hunting the Soul and the heart of every human being. Always! Be strong and dress yourself with the spiritual power of JesusChrist’s armor. (check in the Bible Genesis 3, Matthew 4 and 1 John 2:15-17: They are the very same basic tests). Gratitude, Faith, Hope, Humbleness and Memory of God’s words and wonders will always helps Us to overcome this things.

I write this letter to help You understand that we need to Develop a Healthy Perspective of Success and Failure. Don’t let any success go up to your head but also don’t let any failure define you. No one Success nor any Failure should have that kind of power over Us.

And remember: Being is always better than just doing things without being the very best version of you. We need to invest in ourselves to become better human being spiritually, physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Here I am. I will be here always for You and with You even in the midst of troubles, even at the distance, overtime, everywhere… this is the Love of the Father all about. No matter how and where You are, you will always count on me. I will stand by You until my Time has come. And may be beyond that… I still need to discover that by myself. The same anointing that has been given me and the grace and mercy that has been pouring over my head will be unto You as well since that is the God’s Promise I have in my heart. Be strong. Be kind. Be creative and innovative. Be solid in your values and wise in your daily living.
Because GOD put eternity into your soul as in every human heart… Because there is a TIME and a SEASON for everything on Earth. Because Heaven is real and God’s Love endures forever.

I bless You. I pray for You. I love You.

Always with Kindness,